Brief Book Summaries

Here on Book-Summary.Net you will find mostly summaries of fiction, but also biographies and books about health and psychology. I created this site to share with you all the great literature that I have read during the last few years.

If you've read a great book lately and would like to share, feel free to help out just send me an email with your book summary.

There are also summaries of a few award-winning books here that I will write about once I have read them. I have listed the winners of the Man Booker Prize for FictionNobel Prize in Literatureand the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. The Nobel Prize winners can be difficult to read, so I write about their best known novel or the ones that I liked best, and try to leave out the ones that I really didn't like.

Books that I like are DisgraceBoyhood and Youth by J M Coetzee and the Harry Potter books by J K Rowling. I recommend you to read these books if you haven't done so already.

Book Awards

Below are three of the world's most prestigious literature prizes. Take a look at the award-winning books and authors for some great literature.

Man Booker Prize for Fiction

The Booker Prize is an award for the best contemporary fiction within the Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland. In 2004 it was the novel "The Line of Beauty" by Alan Hollinghurst that received the Booker Prize. List of winners »

Nobel Prize in Literature

The Swedish Academy awards the best author The Nobel Prize in Literature every year with no regard to nationality or type of literature. Elfriede Jelinek won the Nobel Prize in 2004. Click on the link to read summary. List of winners »

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

The Pulitzer Prize is once a year given to an American author, preferably dealing with American life. The novel "Gilead" written by Marilynne Robinson was awarded the Pulitzer Price this year. List of winners »

My Favorite Book Summaries:

Summary of "The Da Vinci Code" 4stars

This book by Dan Brown is a fast-moving thriller. When the curator Jacques Saunièr is murdered he leaves behind a number codes about one of the best hidden secrets in history which must be found before it's lost forever. The Da Vinci Code »

Summary of "Life of Pi" 4stars

This is the story of the teenage boy Pi who crosses the Pacific in lifeboat together with a Bengal tiger. During the journey - seven months long - the boy learns how to survive in the middle of the ocean. Life of Pi »

Summary of "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Scout is telling a story about something that happend a few years ago when a black man was accused of raping a white woman. This happend in the 1930s. Scout's father had to defend this man in court. To Kill a Mockingbird »

Summary of "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" 5stars

Christopher is an autistic boy who one day discovers that someone has killed his neighbour's dog. He decides to find out who committed the murder, but he doesn't like new people and new places. Read summary »

Summary of "Angels and Demons" 2stars

Dan Brown wrote this book before his well known bestseller "The Da Vinci Code". The plot is almost identical and this time Robert Langdon has to solve a murder and find a bomb located somewhere beneath the Vatican City. Angels and Demons »