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A Beautiful Mind – A film review

The director Ron Howard’s latest film, A Beautiful Mind, is a entertaining, enlightening and compassionate drama witch tackles the trials and tribulations of a genius suffering from schizophrenia. The film is a the true story of a mathematician named John Forbes Nash Jr. who is played by Russell Crowe whom won a Academy Oscar for his portrait as Maximus in The Gladiator.
Wefirst meet John Nash at Princeton University in 1947 as a mathematician with social problems due to paranoid schizophrenia. He;s brilliant and doesn;t hold back on expressing the capacity and merits of his brain to his peers. As a matter of fact he is already so above the institutional standards that he chooses to skip classes.
He doesn;t have much luck with women either and found himself being slapped in the face all too often with his blunt, “why don’t we skip to the sex” line.
Still, he understand his personal condition, so he has as little contact with people as possible, and spends most of his time in his dorm room searching for a discovery of a new theory. He is basically a smart, shy jerk with a wry sense of humour.
Shortly after receiving recognition for his theories at Princeton, he becomes a professor at the prestigious school of MIT and begins teaching. He attracts the attention of one of his physic students, Alicia Larde, (played by Jennifer Connelly) and she finds Nash’s eccentricities charming and asks him out to dinner. By 1957 the two were married. But at about the same time he meets his future wife, he also meets the compelling government agent (Ed Harris) who recruits the professor to break codes for the Department of Defence.
It is only a few years later that Nash’s schizophrenia is diagnosed. He becomes paranoid and delusional and at times violent. His world comes crashing down around him. People and things he believes are real are only in his head. Nash can no longer be convinced about who is real and who is in his h…


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