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A Book Review on Holes

Have you ever been sent to a camp for bad boys? In the fiction, Holes, written by Louis Sachar, the character, Stanley Yelnats has. He was accused of stealing and was sent to an awful camp if his life wasn’t already hard enough from school. Everybody at his school was mean to him and a lot of them picked on him. Also he had no friends at all. But at the same time he was lucky because he made many friends at Camp Green Lake.
At Camp Green Lake Stanley would have to dig everyday. The holes were 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide. One day when he was digging he found a golden tube. This tube he found got him thinking. Later that night Stanley realized something. They were not digging for discipline but they were digging for something. That changed Camp Green Lake and Stanley;s life forever.
Holes is a very adventurous and fun story. This book is full of adventure and will make you not want to put this book down. This book really gave me an insight on what a real friend is like and how a good friend should be. I really like this book and the movie but the book was much much better!
Not to criticize, some of my friends said that “Holes is not full of holes.” But as you see, it is! Holes is full of holes. The holes in the story are like all the missing pieces. At the end they all come together, and you can really understand this book. I like it because it holds you in suspense, and that is what I love!
I like this story very much except I do not like when they were calling people names and bulling people around. Also, Stanley went there for something he did not do!
Holes is only one of many of the incredible books written by Louis Sachar. He has won many awards for his books. I recommend this book to all people that are looking for a fabulous book to read.


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