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A Character Analysis on Two Novels:

Authors in the Twentieth Century gravitated toward literature that would strengthen the every day man.Presenting protagonist characters and the events that shape their lives as they are demands a certain amount of excellence in a piece of literature.Two of the most enduring leading men are William Golding's Ralph from Lord of the Flies and George from John Stienbeck's novel Of Mice and Men.
Atfirst, a reader might not see the relationship between an innocuous representation of a young choir boy, Ralph, right after World War II, and the realistic illustration of an agriculture working ranch man, George, during the Great Depression.Nevertheless, there are some significant parallels.According to Erickson, George and Ralph are in altered development stages.Both protagonists, although understanding, find themselves in situations that affect their livelihood.As the reader becomes more involved with the stories, it becomes obvious that both Ralph and George's lives become a battle for survival, not just sustaining physical survival, but also the sustaining of their individuality and righteousness.
Heading through adulthood, Ralph attempts to begin to understand himself.Eric Erickson would agree that Ralph's stage of development is "Identity vs. Role Confusion" (Satntrock 425).Erickson notes that if children overcome conflicts early they will be better prepared when searching for ones identity.In the beginning, Ralph displays a basic sense of trust in the world.As the story continues to progress the role of confusion becomes a threat causing his inability to make deliberate decisions and positive choices in life.
On the other hand, George is a young adult who is developing an intimate relationship with his friend Lennie.Erickson calls this stage of development "Intimacy vs. Isolation"(Satntrock 426).Intimacy, gives George the ability to relate to other people on a perso…


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