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A character;s sketch of Fowler.

Graham Greene's”The Quiet American” is considered to be one of the best novels of the 20th century. And I can honestly say that I’ve spent more time thinking about the events of Graham Greene’s “The Quiet American”than of any other book I’ve read in months. His straightforward, elegant prose along with ample doses of irony and humor, make this novel a masterpiece. The story is so scathing , so insightful, that one cannot help but to be forever affected.
This is no simple tale, although it can be read as one. It works on many different levels. In its simplest form, this is a story about two foreigners in Indo-China: a middle-aged British reporter, and a young idealistic American. They involve themselves in two main plots: one concerning the French Army’s battle with the Vietminh, and the second, concerning the two men’s relationship with a native woman and the subsequent fight for her affections. On this level “The Quiet American”, works as an effective thriller. But there are all sorts of other subtexts and subtleties going on here.
I would try to make a sketch of Fowler;s character. But, I suppose, it will be extremely difficult, because Greene portrays the characters in the novel in a manner in which they are extraordinarily complex and passionate beneath their seemingly quiet exteriors.And for me Fowler is one of the most engrossing literary characters I have ever read. ButI;ll do my best! I promise!
Fowler is the embodiment of a now-faded British archetype: the suave, impeccably well-mannered man of the world who keeps a stiff upper lip and camouflages any inner torment under a pose of amused knowingness. Fowler is a man detached, a nonbeliever. He is a real islander.
Fowler is completely taken with Vietnam and especially with its tropical beauty.He doesn;t believe in God, only death is his absolute value in life. He possesses honesty, that can be trusted, thoughtfullness for other people. One …


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