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A Clockwork Orange

In his 1963 novel, A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess tells the story of Alex, a young boy who is violent and evil. This novel addresses many psychological issues, most of which are very easy to point out. However, there are some that are not as significant, but still provide thought-provoking additions to the overall novel. One of these is the existence of a father-son relationship between Alex and F. Alexander. Although these two seem very unlikely to have this kind of bond with each other, there are examples in the novel that support this relationship.
The most obvious example of the father and son relationship between Alex and F. Alexander is found in the third part of the book. Alex, recently released from prison, decides to go home to surprise his mother and father. As he enters the building, Alex makes note of the change in appearance of the apartment building. He is surprised to find it has been cleaned up. There was no longer any “dirty ballooning sloves” or graffiti from “dirty-minded malchicks”. When he enters his house he finds that his parents have rented out his room and no longer want him to live there. In a way, his former home has been cleaned just like the apartment building. No longer having a home, Alex ventures out into town. Running into his old friends, who are now police officers, he is severely beaten and dropped off in the country.
Alex begins chapter 4 by saying “home, home, home, it was home I was wanting, and it was HOME I came to” (152). After being beaten, Alex wanders around and finds himself coming to a place called HOME, the same HOME he visited years before. He is taken in by F. Alexander, the man who lives at HOME, and given help and kindness. He has lost his old home, but has found a new HOME. Alex is protected, just like a father protects a son. He is received in the same manner a father receives a son, with open arms and care.
The next indicator of a father-son relationship between the man…


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