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A Comparison of Jurassic Park

When one reflects on the past two decades of film, many magnificent movies have been put into production. They're has been ground-breaking developments in all of the different genre, not to mention in animation and other aspects of film. If we were to list the greatest films of this era, we would find that many of these films are made by one man, Steven Spielburg. Steven Spielburg has directed some of the most spectacular movies of our time. And after watching enough of his works, we begin to realize that Spielburg has a style that can be seen throughout most of his movies. This style of his can
be seen in both the movies "Jurassic Park" series and movies from the Indiana Jones series.
Jurassic Park was produced in 1993 and directed by Steven Spielburg. It takes place on a remote island, where a wealthy entrepreneur secretly creates a theme park featuring living dinosaurs that have been created from prehistoric DNA. Before opening the park to the public, the owner(Richard Attenborough) invites a Paleontologists(Sam Neil), a Paleobotanist(Laura Dern), and a Mathematician/theorist(Jeff Goldblum), in order to ease the anxiety of his investors. However, they're visit is anything but tranquil as the parks security systems break down, and the prehistoric marvels break from they're
containment and "retake" the food chain. But Jurassic Park hand more than just an interesting story, it was a technological breakthrough, taking a giant leap in the arena of computer graphics and spawning a new wave of film making. It was stunning, awesome, and terrifying all at the same time. Jurassic Park is, if nothing else, one of the most effective plays on an innate human fear ever put to film. It makes us realize how drastically different our lives might be if we weren't the top dog on the food chain.
Another marvelous film by Steven Spielburg was "Raiders of the Lost Ark". This was the


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