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A Critical review of Young Goodman Brown

A Critical Review of Young Goodman Brown
The short story, “Young Goodman Brown”, is about a man, his faith, his wife, and his community.Although he and his wife share a strong belief in spiritual things, Goodman makes a spiritual decision in which the effects on his life are overwhelming.Goodman’s choice causes him to take a turn for the worse and he eventually dies a miserable person.
The central character in this story is undoubtedly Goodman Brown.The idea of taking this journeyThe story deals primarily with his character and person.Yes, there are others in the story.However, the main ideas and actions surround the life of Goodman Brown.
Although, he may have not held a high position in society, early in the story, Hawthorne describes Brown as a man of substance.Webster describes the word substance as “that which is solid or real”.Truly Goodman possessed a spiritual experience that was real by being married to Faith.Hawthorne names Goodman’s wife Faith.Although Hawthorne is playing on words, Faith represents all that is good and stable in Goodman’s life.And before he takes his journey, he claims he will ” cling to her skirts and follow her to heaven”.His statement leads us to believe that Goodman Brown was exactly that–a good man.
The background of this story is during a time of extremes.Whatever the people believed, they worship with all of their heart.Bert A. Mikosh, from the University of Texas, says that Brown is a part of the generation that followed the Salem Witch Trials–a time in which many were accused and suspected of devil-worship.
Through a series of events, Goodman changes from the good man that he is earlier described to a wretched, miserable person.He takes a journey into the woods.Although he dreads leaving Faith alone, he feels he must make the trip.While on this journey, he meets someone who appears to be evil.Many have speculated that Goodman actually met Satan him…


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