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A day without a mexican

Watching the movie ", A Day Without a Mexican," made me realize that not only can we live without Mexicans in our lives, but probably every single human being of different race.God created all of us and we were brought to this Earth for a specific purpose, job, and/or task in life.Just like unique individuals, we have people of different race who were brought to do their own tasks on Earth.I'm sure without different people; the world would be bland if we all looked the same.The world would also be empty without those who fill up the spaces in our lives.These are the people who work their equal share of labor to make our world revolve.
People of the same race also have their own unique individual characteristics.Some stay true to their roots and some adapt to the environment that they have to be in.Like me, I am a Filipino but I was born and raised in Guam which is a U.S. territory.I was friends with more Chamorros (natives of Guam) and white people than I was with Filipinos.I pretty much grew up with both cultures.When I moved here to the mainland for almost three years already, I definitely changed and adapted to the environment and became more Americanized and what my friends call "white washed."This refers to liking their music, people (males), lifestyle, clothing, etc.I like the American culture but I will never forget the culture that I mostly grew up with, the Guam culture.I also will definitely not forget my own culture as well.This example of mine is similar to some of the people in the movie, like the anchor woman who wasn't after all a Mexican.In her heart though, she was, because she grew up as a Mexican and an American.Other characters in the story had interracial relationships which I believe is not bad at all considering I am more interested in the opposite sex out of my race.This shows that we are all divided but united


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