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A Dolls House

In the victorian Era women were supposed to stay at home, take care of their children, and make sure their husbands every need was met.Society’s attitude towards woman was that they should be dominated by a male figure. Decisions were made by the males and females did not argue. In the play,; A Doll’s House" by Henrik Ibsen, Nora's secession from society is the central theme.The play created a lot of contervirsity because it had a feamle protagonist trying to strive for independence. Nora does not follow the social standards of her time as she attempts "…to try to discover who is right, society or [her] (page 964)."   

With good intentions, Nora brakes the law and decides to forage her fathers signature so she can borrow money to pay for her husband's medical treatment. She separates herself from the role society has placed her in because she was not suposed to make the decisions and she was definatly not suposed to dis-honour her husband by breaking the law. She leads Helmer to believe that " [she could] never get anywhere without [his] help (page 919)" yet she leaves him. Her decision went against the actions a woman and a wife "should have" by society.Her demands that she be dependent on her husband. This is prevalent throught in the play in thatTorvald speaks to Nora as she is inferior to him. Every time he calls her a pet name, it is usually preceded by the word ‘little’ to describe it: “…because you let your husband have his way? All right you little rogue, I know you didn’t mean it that way” (page 940). Helmer even goes as far to say to Nora that " It's incredible how expensive it is for a man to keep such a pet (page 919.)" By Torvald treating Nora like a child, she is shielded from reality and she is pushed to find herself.

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