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A journey to banish evil

A long, taxing journey awaits an unknowing hobbit, who is destined to destroy the one ring of power. In the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring directed by Peter Jackson, the main character is Frodo Baggins, anyoung hobbit, who is interested in adventure, and ready to go with his favorite hobbit, Bilbo on all of his adventures. The movie is based on a certain ring, which happens to be the ring that controls the 19 other rings. This one ring is known as the ring of power. When the original owner was killed the ring was lost for many years. The ring wants to be returned to its owner. When the ring is given to Frodo by Bilbo, he embarks upon a quest to return the ring to its home, where it was created, so it can be destroyed. Frodo goes on this quest and completes many small cycles of leave and return, just getting to the main belly of the beast. In Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo goes on an archetypal mythic journey by accepting the quest, separating from home, and descending into the underworld, or the unknown to show that any person out of a crowd could banish evil.
Frodostrates bravery when he accepts the quest of taking the ring to Rivendale. Frodo shows this bravery by leaving his hobbit hole. Frodo does not really know what he is getting himself into, but he sticks with the quest even though he is hesitant. Frodo is willing to sacrifice anything to complete his quest. Frodo accepts another quest when, in Rivendale, he steps up to take the ring the rest of the way. Frodo sees the eye, and knows that has taken on a great quest, but still agrees to complete the quest. This is one way Frodo completes the archetypal story circle.
Frodoseparates from the Shire when him and Sam walk into the farmland. This is not too hard on him, and he shows that he is spiritually strong, by continuing on. Later, another separation occurs when Sam and Frodo fall into the forest. This coul…


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