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A Rose for Emily

William Faulkner's “A Rose for Emily”
tells a story of a young woman who is
violated by her father's strict
mentality. After being the only man in
her life Emily's father dies and she
finds it hard to let go. Like her father
towards life, and she refused to change.
While having this attitude about life
Emily practically secluded herself from
society for the remainder of her life.
She was alone for the veryfirst time
and her reaction to this situation was
This story takes place throughout the
Reconstruction Era from the late 1800's
to the early 1900's in Jefferson,
Mississippi. Emily was raised in the
period before the Civil War. Her father
who was the only person in her life with
the exception of a former lover who soon
left her as well raised her. The plot of
this story is mainly about Miss Emily's
attitude about change. While growing up
environment because her father possessed
a lot of money. Considering that her
father was a very wealthy person who
occasionally loaned the town money Emily
had everything a child could want. This
selfish and she never knew the value of
a dollar until her father left her with
nothing but a run down home that started
to decay after a period of time. She
began to ignore the surrounding decay of
the house and her appearance. These lies
continued as she denied her father's
death, refused to pay taxes, ignores
town gossip about her being a fallen
woman, and does not tell the druggist
why she purchased rat poison. Her life,
like the decaying house suffered from a
physical appearance is brought about by
years of neglect. As time went on pieces
from Emily started to drift away and
also the home that she confined herself


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