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A Rose for Emily

William Faulkner’s short story, “A Rose for Emily” is a comparison of the past to the present. Emily is a picture of the past, a monument that had “fallen” in death. The town itself is the symbol of the next generation, with its more modern ideas. The story begins at the end of Emily’s life. The narrator tells the story by connections, where one thought triggers another as opposed to a chronological viewpoint. When the narrator mentions Miss Emily as a sort of hereditary obligation it prompts the memory of the past when Colonel Sartoris remitted her taxes. As generations of alderman change, so do the town standards, and in attempt to collect these taxes, a dispute arises.
With this difference of opinion, we get ourfirst indication of Emily’s character. Her home was dimly lit and dusty with a damp smell. She was pale and obese.Her persona matched that of her dark house, as if she was mentally in some far off place. In the confrontation with the authorities, she simply states she hasdoes no paytaxes in Jefferson.There was no discussion, no debate to her. This was fact and she proceeded to send them away. She was just as defiant when her father died. For three days after her father’s death, she insisted that her father was not dead.When the town brought in Homer Barron to do town renovations, we see a little of Emily’s social side. Homer and Miss Emily were seen on Sunday afternoons driving in the yellow-wheeled buggy.Soon the town meddles in the affair and calls on Emily’s relatives to intervene. Emily was raised in a high social position,and the town thought the situation with Homer was immoral.
Eventually two of her cousins came to visit her. When she had begun to see Homer, the town talked about them getting married, then about Homer not being a marrying man.The narrator implies that Homer was gay and that the whole situation was not accepted. A historical approach with the view of cultural criti


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