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a scandal in bohemia

The story “A scandal in Bohemia” was written by Arthur Conan Doyle in eighteen-ninety-one.It it not the authors that provides the story’s narrative voice.The narrator is also a character in the story.Eventhough he is not the main charater, he has a very important function to serve such as being a part of the main event, helping Mr. Holmes and describe every character theway he sees them wich is the way the reader would see them.
In The short story “A scandal in Bohemia”, the main character is Mr. Sherlock Holmes whoisattracted by the study of crime.He has an old friend who’s name is Dr. Watson who one day, decided to visit him.Holmes got watson to workwith him on an affair he had to take care of.Watson decided to help his friend and was very helpfull to him.Since Watson is a part of every thing that happens, and he is the narrator, the readers can follow the story easily.
The narrator, Dr. Watson describe every character the way that he see them. For an example :”A man entered who could hardly have been les than six feet six inches in height, with the chest and limbs of a Hercules.”He also describe the actions of the other characters and share with the reader his thoughts about each oneof them.Dr. Watson, is the only character that the reader could put himself at his place.
I think that the narrator of the short story “Ascandal in Bohemis” has a much bigger role in the story such as describing every character and helping Mr. Holmes threw his stategy.


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