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A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams, is a involved web of complex themes where characters are pitted against one another as symbols of conflicting qualities.Throughout the story there are many themes.One theme that resurfaces many times during the play in how money affects the relationships among the characters.Money affects relationships by creating conflicts between people who have it and who do not, as well as creating conflicts among people who have different beliefs on how it should be used.In A Streetcar Named Desire, money is the root of many of the conflicts and symbolizes many conflicts throughout the story.Class conflict and gambling are two ways that money affects characters in the story.
Tennessee Williams uses money to illustrate a conflict between two main characters.Blanche and Stanley are at odds with one another from the beginning of the story.Money is used to stimulate conflict throughout the story.First, money increases the individual conflicts between Blanche and Stanley.Second, money is used to examine the class conflict that Blanche and Stanley represent.
Money is used to create conflict between Blanche and Stanley.When Blanchefirst arrives and finds the house that Stella and Stanley live in together she "thought that you (Stella) would never come back to this horrible place!" (2075).Blanche, having always lived on a plantation estate, can not believe that her own sister would live in such "abject poverty". Although this is not a direct conflict between Blanche and Stanley, Stanley's lack of money is a source of consternation for Blanche in consideration of her sister.This leads to other conflicts.The scene where Stanley confronts Blanche in regard to the lost plantation is another place where Tennessee Williams pits the two opposing people against one another.The Napoleonic code in Louisiana states that "what belongs to the wife bel…


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