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A Thousand Acres

As the story starts to unfold in A Thousand Acres, the deception and betrayal between the father and his daughters becomes the main focus of the film. In the movie, a well respected Iowa farmer by the name of Larry Cook is ready to retire and he's handing down his entire farm to his three daughters, Ginny, Rose, and Caroline. This is about as far as the film gets before the deception and betrayal comes into play.
When Caroline, who was supposedly "Daddy's favorite," told her father she wanted to think over the division before she agreed was totally cut out from it all. Larry wanted nothing at all to do with her because she questioned him. This is where the film starts to make note that Larry isn't the nicest man and that he may have some underlying problems. "A Thousand Acres covers a lot of ground, and raises numerous questions about the demons that some families keep buried" (Berardinelli).
After Larry's betrayal ofCaroline, it becomes more and more apparent that he's losing his mind. He starts making accusations that Rose and Ginny are just trying to take his land from him. He's also making poor decisions like drinking and driving. This is one way the writer really portrays Iowa to an exact T. Iowa farmers drink and drive around on gravel roads almost as if it were an acceptable part of life, which is why, in the movie, nobody is concerned. That is until he wrecks his truck. This is about the time in the film where the viewer learns of the incest between Larry, Ginny, and Rose.
After a large dispute out in the rain between Larry, Rose, Ginny, and their husbands, Rose and Ginny are sitting in the dark when Rose brings up how their father used to go into Ginny's room when she was a young teen and have sex with her. Around the time she was 15, he left her room and went to 13 year old Rose's room. Rose claims she let him come in until she was 16 so h


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