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A Walk to Remember

The feeling of going to a movie theater is great. It's like a relaxation to the brain. You walk in, sit down, and concentrate on nothing except the movie you are about to see. Even better is the feeling of walking out of the theater and thinking about how the movie you just saw relates to your life.
A Walk to Remember is by far my favorite movie. A lot of people think it's just one of those "chick flicks" where girls go and see just to cry. Do not get me wrong; atfirst when I went to see it, it was just for a good cry. But after the fact it made me think about life. This is why I recommend you go see this movie.
Have you ever wanted to just stop what you're doing and think about your life? Gaze off for just a moment, and think about your younger days. Running free in high school and going through all the drama you went through.Then finally realizing that everything you went through and why you did it worked out for the best. In thefirst scene of the movie there's a boy who is trying to fit in the "cool group". He jumps off a cliff and ends up being hurt very badly. In the long run he is thinking "Why did I make that jump? If they were my real friends, they would not have had me jump". It took a harsh drop for him to realize that the drama he went through did not mean anything to him. After watching it, you start to remember all the harsh things you had to do when you were in high school to stay in with your group. Even if that meant hurting yourself, the way the boy hurt himself. Another aspect of why you should watch this movie, takes one little scene and relates to all teenagers lives.
Love, everyone wants someone to love. The majority of the movie is based on love. Growing up in high school is a tough job. But when you have that special someone right beside you to help you through it, you can make it by with ease. This is what happens in the movie, the main character i…


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