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Achilles and hector

Achilles and Hector similar but different In the Iliad the two main characters are Achilles and Hector. The two have some similar qualities and some different qualities that separate them. Both of these characters are great various in their own ways and possess qualities that make them heroes. Both except that they Uvula die in battle and that is their fate. Although they do have some similarities, I think they are more different then the same.

In the story, Hector is the more family oriented warrior. After each battle he would return home to be With his father and Wife. Hector also loved his father and went to tell him he was going to fight Achilles. Prima, his father, begged him not to fight. Prima said “cut off as you are don’t try to hold your ground with this man or soon you’ll meet the shock of doom, borne down by the son of Pulses. He is more powerful by far than you and pitiless.

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Ah were he but dear to the gods as he is dear to 22,45-49) Hector should have listed to his father hut his pride got in his way and Achilles wanted to kill hector to revenge the death of his friend, Patrols, so he could have the satisfaction of pride in the revenge for his trend. They differ in one way, in that Hector accepted that he was born to be a worrier but was usually reluctant to go to battle. Achilles loved war and the satisfaction of wining battles, He would always want his people and his warriors praise for victory.

These two are supposed to be like gods, but the two have a lot of human qualities. One example is when hector puts his guard down to Athena and lets her trick him into fighting Achilles. He shows human qualities as to which he Vass talked in to something he probably knew he should not get in to. He also should have stayed behind the walls of Troy but his human qualities of pride affected his session. Although Achilles is half god he still shows human qualities when he kills hector. After Hectors death his father comes to Achilles and begs him to return Hectors body to his family.

Achilles has compassion for Prima. He cried for his father as Prima cried for his son. Moppet and wept for Hector, killer Of men. While great Achilles wept for his own father as for Patrols once again; and sobbing filled the 24, 85-83) Another human quality is the love for their woman. Hector his wife and Achilles his woman Bribers. Believe each had a similar weakness, in their need for war. They were raised from a child to be worriers. Each new that they would one day die in battle but their search for glory on the battle field would eventually kill them one day. Hint that hector had more human qualities than Achilles not just because he was half god but because Hector shows more human characteristics. Hector is more tot family man and did not really like war but tolerated it. Achilles is half god but he also loved war and did not care about his victims. These two have some to the same weaknesses, They are both same and different in many ways but they are more different then the same, They are both considered heroes to their people because of their ability to be warriors.


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