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Achilles and Homer

Most likely he would be from the Island Of Chaos due to the writing style Of the Iliad. One thing we do know is that whatever this Homer character is he has largely undistributed to many writers, poets, and philosophy after his time. Homer also gives generally pretty accurate accounts of true history of that time just of his nobles the Iliad and the Odyssey.

The legacy of the mysterious character Homer will always be remember for his historical accounts and the psychology of the people of that time. There have been different views on the legitimacy of homer. One position that historians have is the possibilities that a Homer might have never even existed at all rather the Iliad and the Odyssey was created after poets or bards who revised t over the years many times before it got denaturized when it got written down at 600 BCC.

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There are those who believe that the writings of the Iliad and the Odyssey are too distinct to be of the same author mostly due to the shift on focus of the two stories, But however many Otter 2 historians feel as if there is enough consistency in writing styles between the Iliad and the Odyssey to be of the same author. However there is strong archeological evidence that demonstrates perhaps the Iliad and the Odyssey are not entire work Of fiction according to archaeologist Heimlich Schlemiels.

The archaeologist found by using Homers epics as a guide he was able to find that these events actually took place in real life. The evidence was found at the new modern day cities that now reside over Troy and Greece etc. Without a doubt Homer also captured the psychology and the culture of what it was being a Greek at that time. The main values can be captured in the epic the Iliad mainly summarized by the Greek word retreat, which simply means “virtue”. Virtue here is meant in the sense of dying with a legacy and ultimately a name for themselves.

This kind of mentality can be seen when Achilles was given decision to live a long inglorious life without any fame, or to live a short yet glorious life that the Greeks will honor for all of time and to course Achilles choose originally to live a long less than glorious life, The fact that Achilles makes irrational decision based solely on human emotions, when he would not join the battle because he was prideful at the king Otter 3 Agamemnon for taking his war prize a woman that he didn’t even give a fight to keep Achilles just handed the woman over without a care.

Out of pride Achilles chose not to fight for king Agamemnon costing the Chains warriors a high umber of casualties. Achilles finally joined the fight not because he saw that his men were dying in high numbers but because his best friend Patrols that he let take in his place dressed up as Achilles to go fight in his name died by the spear of Hector. Then again his emotions put him back in fight to seek revenge for his friend to kill Hector. NOW by making this decision to return to the fight he has set himself up to die a short yet glorious life.

If there is anything you can learn from the Iliad is that is better to control your emotions particularly anger ND pride for Achilles and let your mind play a role in making decisions or it may cost their life or the lives of others. Then the story of the Iliad has elements that conjure up what we would call the beginning of humanism sense the Gods where always in a constant feud with each other powerful yet had no regards for human suffering and Homer showed them for what they were childish, shallow, and not worthy of real admiration.

Homer could be also thought as being a pioneer historian, poet of his time. It is Homer who inspires other poets to perhaps imitate him. One poet was Hissed an direct inheritor in the epic radiation as far when it comes to keeping up with Homers philosophy, although his poems were not as long yet his works were generally good. Herodotus actually made a living of keeping records of history, Homer even left a legacy of followers called the Homemade claiming to be related descended from the one and only Homer.

The fact is that Homer poems have impacted many people even to this day. Otter 4 Homer presence can still obviously be felt in the 21 century in many different medias. There are plenty of books that spin of the main ideas of the Iliad and the Odyssey books like the Ilium, The lost books of the Odyssey and Ransom are still being published today. Even in Hollywood the presence of Homer can be felt in such movies as Troy, and O Brother Where Art Thou. 1 1 1.

As per Heimlich Schlemiels, an amateur archaeologist, using information in the Iliad and other Greek text, discovered the site that is now accepted as Troy at an area called History. Schlemiels also found Mycenae on the Greek mainland, Clansman’s work and that of others revealed that a number to cities were built on the Troy site, each new one on the ruins off previous city ‘(Line S) [2 “The importance to heroic action in proving virtue, or excellence (the Greek word rate connotes both), is central to the Iliad and to the male dominated culture of the Heroic Age.

To the ancient Greeks, moral value lay in proper action, even if the consequence of that action meant death, Indeed, death in battle was sure path to honor(Firer 81). [31. In “Ransom,” the Australian novelist David Mallow focuses on one of the great sequences in Homer and a lot of people would say in all Western literature one of the so-called embassy episodes of “The Iliad. ” First- mime novelist Zachary Mason employs a lighter touch in “The Lost Books of The Odyssey” with its multiple variations on the adventures of Odysseus and his fabled homecoming.

Out our hero goes from Mediterranean island to island, and again and again, he arrives home in Ithaca, sometimes finding chaos, sometimes finding all is Wither Homer existed or not his legacy Will most likely be felt to the end Of times. We also have seen that archeological evidence supports Homers work. His monumental work has giving much people to appreciate about Literature and Greek culture in general. The impact he made in the minds and psychology of any will continue to flourish as have it already done for over 2,500 years.


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