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Achilles and Odysseus

In the Iliad certain heroic characters play major roles in the battles, Heroes are thought as being greater human beings than the ordinary warriors. Some may have a divine or semi-divine parent, though the hero himself is till mortal and can be killed, like any other human. Heroes from time to time incite jealousy from the gods and on occasion they Would even fight. Heroes are below the gods but above the average human. In a battle against Troy, Achilles was shot in his heel by an arrow shot by Paris but guided by Apollo.

Achilles’ heel was the only alienable part of his body. Two other warriors – AAAS and Odysseus were able to rescue Achilles from the battle ground. Then there arises a difference of opinion about who would receive his (Achilles’) armor. When Odysseus was presented with Achilles’ armor AAAS became enraged. He went before the Greek Superiors and threatened to kill himself. After AAAS realized Odysseus had been given Achilles’ armor, he felt that he had been dishonored and committed suicide. Leaving Odysseus as the survivor to make the choices on how they would defeat Troy.

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Odysseus instructs a plan to allow the Greeks admission into the city of Troy. They built a great horse made of wood with a hollow belly to the warrior and the horse was given as horse gist to the Trojan. Once the Trojan open the gate and brought the horse in the gates of Troy. Then in the middle of the night the Greek army disembark the horse invading Troy. Odysseus is the hero in the Iliad because he comes up with the plan to get the Greeks into the city of Troy. Even though Odysseus was the hero he lost two of his warriors one to suicide because of jealousy and one to injury.


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