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Achilles Shield

The shield, Which Ajax kills himself over and Odysseus loses, was like no Other thing ever owned by a human being. Brain explained it as “not imaginable as a trophy for display”. Ajax, because he was a very large man, demanded larger armor and Odysseus would have simply tripped over the shield. In The Iliad, we find that Achilles’ old armor had to be shrunk by the god to fit Hector, whom was described as a big, solid man. The shield was a disk- shaped. Brain described the shield as the image of a world that Homer saw in his mind.

In the shield, there are two cities. One was at peace and in celebration. This city is known as the “City to Peace” (Harvard). They were celebrating marriages with processions, music, and dancing. While the omen stood at the doors to watch, there were also elders and cheering onlookers. The people were 50 joyful and showed 50 much happiness. The other city, on the other hand, was like Troy. This is known as the “City of War” (Harvard). Within this city, there were two plans being considered: to be destroyed or to hand over half the possessions of the lovely.

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On the cities wall, old men and wives and also children sat to watch. On the shield, you can see the major differences between the two sides. People looked at the cities as relation to court systems. In it, there ever plaintiffs, defendants, juries and onlookers. There was also a victim, which was a dead man being dragged by his feet. All of the scenes were encompassed by the River Season, also known as the River Ocean. The River Ocean was a great, fresh- water stream which circled the flat earth.

It was known, during this time, as the source Of all the Earth’s fresh- beater (Greek Mythology). Homer described the shield in book eighteen, lines 558-564: At first Hyphenates makes a great massive shield, blazoning well- wrought emblems all across its surface, raising a rim around it, glittering, triple. Ply with a silver shield- strap run from edge to edge ND five layers of metal to build the shield itself, and across its vast expanse with all his craft and cunning the god creates a world of gorgeous immortal. (Homer) The shield encompassed a complete world, according to Bruin. It had opposition and variety, city and country, cultivation and wilderness, war and peace. It was just like the world we know today. The shield was made especially for Achilles. He wore it into the last battle in the Iliad. Achilles was covered by a five- layered shield, which was one of the most epic pieces of armor in the book. It was beautiful but yet so presumably fragile. Spears smashed it. A warrior, named Names, actually drove his spear completely through the shield.

In this battle, we saw how Achilles’ shield may be beautiful and irresistible but it was also superfluous, meaning it was pointless and unnecessary. Bruin stated that the shield “teaches by contrast through its godless and hero less space”. She claimed that the shield’s visible surface indefeasibly beautiful. “He bears it; it shields him. He exposes it: it covers him. He exposes it to the trust of the spears under which it is punctures and staved in but never completely penetrated (as any world is reparable after war).


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