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Achilles Sympathy

World Literature 3 26 September 2013 The Mighty Achilles Achilles is considered immortal, but has many features that make him human. In the epic poem Iliad, written by Homer, Achilles is known to be Strong and courageous; he leaves his family to fight in the war against the Trojan. Achilles is a mighty warrior that shows feelings and emotions that are human. Although Achilles may exhibit heartless and cruel tendencies like the way he killed Hector showing virtually no feelings, he is ultimately a sympathetic character as he feels taken advantage of, shows remorse, and exemplifies compassion.

Achilles emerges as a sympathetic character because he feels taken advantage of and denied of what he feels is his. As a soldier Achilles is forced to do all the fighting while Agamemnon reaps the glory. This leads to resentment between the two characters, Achilles shows his disgust with Agamemnon by saying, “l tell you this, and so help me its the truth – hell soon pay for his arrogance with his life! ” (Homer 371). Agamemnon wanted to use Achilles talent to unleash him upon the Trojan stating, “Achilles wrath makes him more than

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Although he may he brutal, he is being used by Agamemnon for his talents and resents him for it. Additionally, Achilles is identifiable because, after the death of Patrols he feels grief and seeks revenge, After hearing of what happened to Patrols “Achilles re-enters the war to avenge Patrols’ death” (Homer 383). It is human to feel grief after losing a loved one, William Merit stated, “The varieties of love include the compassionate (Achilles and Patrols)” (Merritt). Achilles and Patrols are not only relatives but close friends.

Everyone has experienced the loss of a loved one and can sympathize with what Achilles is feeling. The hero Achilles shows sympathy and compassion in his conversation with Prima following the death of Hector. Prima comes to Achilles veining for a proper burial Of his son. The words Of Prima resonate With Achilles, those words stirred within Achilles a deep desire to grieve for his own father (Homer 400). Achilles respects the Old man’s feelings and returns Hectors body because he understands the bond been a father and his son.

Showing compassion is a rat that a truly cruel person would not show. Achilles can be described as a heartless monster for the ways he has killed men. He leverages his invincibility and murders countless soldiers. His cruelty is most on display following the death of Patrols. The way Achilles seeks revenge for a man is like no other “In sorrow and rage, Achilles determines to rejoin the battle and obtain revenge on Hector’ (Seller). He will not rest until he has the blood of Hector on his blade and refuses to treat his corpse with dignity. First (Achilles) slaughters Hector, he pips away the noble prince’s life then lashes him to his chariot, drags him round his beloved comrade’s 398). Achilles appears in-human as he has no mercy on Hector and will not grant Hector his wish by giving him a proper burial. In conclusion, Achilles is known for being cruel, in addition being heartless, but he is ultimately a sympathetic character as he feels many emotions that normal humans do. Although he has god-like qualities and has traits that a normal person could not relate to, he ultimately is sympathetic because he does exhibit human emotions. Eve learned through my research that someone can be self-centered and evil but can still show feelings and emotions that normal people do.


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