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Achilles vs Beowulf compare and contrast

Great warrior always are know because their incredible ability to survive in very art situation where a normal human could not survive but they do thanks that great warriors have a extramural strong. In the book the Iliad we saw so many warriors and a lot of them though that they were greats warrior but when Achilles appeared the difference is completely big and is the same thing in the Beowulf poem these two characters had the strong of hundreds forwarders what help them to make amazing exploits like to kill monster or to kill an army without help.

Beowulf and Achilles were characters that had gods strong but the strong that they had was very efferent because Beowulf had a strong that could be comparable with the strong of so many warriors, but Achilles strong also was incredible but it was not enough to compare with Beowulf strong, what Achilles made to be a hero or a famous character was that he avgas blessed from gods and he had amazing abilities like speed and skills what he used in his big exploits so each various must have an ability comparable at level of gods.

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Beowulf and Achilles had a lot Of battles where they resulted victorious but both had last fight where they came really famous, in the case of Beowulf was the battle vs. Granddad mothers and in the case Of Achilles was the battle vs. Hector and after that battle where they obtain a lot of prestige they had another battle where they lost because the enemy attack their weaknesses, in Beowulf poem the dragon took advantage because Beowulf was old and he really could not win, and Achilles received and arrow shot in his heel that the legend say that he was vulnerable in that part, the similar point here is that both after he won a lot of famous both had a battle that kill them. One of the best way to remember someone is because that person was unique or completely different to the others, that was what great warriors like Achilles and Beowulf did.

These two characters made incredible actions that influenced that their names were remember for a long time; Beowulf looks like any other warrior, he followed the code of a great warrior and also the code of the heroes, things that just a few people used to do but Beowulf had and special kind to be he was arrogant because he know the strong that he had and he did crazy things that always at he final those actions looks very intelligent for example when he fought with granddad, he decided to fight Without armor because he wanted a right fight without to have advantage everybody thought that he was crazy but at the final they saw that it was very intelligent because greened was immune to weapons so he only could be affected by normal hits like punch or kicks that was what Beowulf did.

Achilles had a unique kind to be it was similar to the kind to be of Beowulf but it was not equal; Achilles was arrogant too but the difference teen Beowulf and Achilles was that Achilles was more arrogant and he never did things that will not benefit to him in something. They were very confident, they know about their abilities and the power that they had so they always affront the problems face to face but the difference between them was that although they was very confident, Beowulf in the last fight he doubt of his strong because he was old and he knew that he will lose the battle but Achilles no matter which the situation was he always was ready to fight without doubts.

Another different characteristic that they had was the care that had for their warriors or their friends for example in the Beowulf poem Beowulf never did thing to inspire his warriors or something that show that he had care of them and in battles he saw how his warrior die and he did not do nothing to avoid it, but Achilles really care about his squad, he always talk with them and told them inspire words and when his best friend die in battle he event to obtain a renege_ People always are trying to reach a goal but in the case Of the warriors almost all he time they fight to reach the same goal depending the nation or the religious they were.

Beowulf was a Norse warrior and like almost all the Norse he was trying to show that he was a great leader and gives prestige to his last name because that he always was searching for a battle to fight no matter the level of difficulty it was for that reason he accepted to helped at the king with the problem that they had with Greened because he knew that to kill Greened will gives him the honor or the prestige that he want. Achilles also had a goals that he was trying to achieve but at difference to Beowulf, Achilles goal will carry benefits just for him not for all the family like Beowulf also Achilles was not accepted all the opportunities to fight, he always was searching for the big fish he prefer to training and be prepared for the event that will make his name live for hundreds of years.

These two great warriors were following the same way in different form, it is because the influences or the motivation that they had for example Beowulf do that because that was the way to do for the Norse, if they wanted to have prestige they wanted to win a lot of big battles, ad in the case of Achilles as he as a demigod he believed that he was better that the others and he should not received orders from anyone so he decide to achieve his fame as his own way. Achilles and Beowulf have a lot of similar and different characteristics that characterizes them among the similar characteristics we can see that are those that no only they had also other great warriors have like the gods strong, a special kind to be, and a goal to achieve. To be a good warrior as minimum a person must hue one Of these abilities and a lot Of value because warriors give his life to his name survive.


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