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Across the Barricades – The good and the bad

Across the Barricades is a novel full of prejudice and different opinions on certain things in life Therefor the characters that Lingard presents have a lot of different personality traits. Lingard tries to remote and repress certain characteristics by presenting different characters.
Sadie, one of the main characters in the novel, is a Protestant girl. She is a determined and independent girl with strong opinions and she has got a strong will.Another characteristic of Sadie is that she is not afraid of speaking up for herself – and others. She fights for what she believe in and does not care what other people say.
Another main character is Kevin. He is a catholic boy. He is more afraid of what people think than Sadie is and sees the consequences of their relationship clearer. As a person Kevin can be described as calm, serious and hardworking He is kind and will not hurt a fly unless he is badly provoked. Kevin thinks that the fights between the Catholics and Protestants are unreasonable and unnecessary. Although Brain Rafferty betrays Kevin, Kevin stays loyal to his old friend. He does not give Brain away when the police accused him of owning the gun.
Although Kevin and Sadie comes from different religions one can see they share most of their believes. They both believe they can be friends even if they belong to different religions.
Mr Blake appears in a crucial point in the novel. He gives Kevin and Sadie hope and helps them in their relationship. He himself is a Catholic, but he did not care if people were Catholic or Protestant. He held no prejudice against those who had a different religion than his own. Mr Blake thinks of others before he thinks of himself. He fights for what he believes in and refuses to give into terrorism. People like Mr Blake and the Hendersons are ideal characters. If everybody in Northern Ireland shared their attitude there would be no conflict.


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