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Alice in Wonderland

In the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, there is an evident contrast between two different types of characters through out the book.While Alice was trapped in this Wonderland she came across many different characters and it became apparent that they were characters of two different natures, on the one hand there were the docile characters and on the other hand she came across the more insane and angry characters.I believe that this may reflect Lewis' views on people in reality.
The main character of the novel, Alice, serves as your guide through out the story and as your source of adventure. Alice her self, being from the "real world", is a very knowledgeable and sound being that, while in Wonderland, is not afraid to use and show off her knowledge. While on her "adventure" Alice meets many instances where she is able to use her reason to help her through out making her one of the more docile characters.
Thefirst character that Alice comes across before even entering Wonderland is the White Rabbit, which soon shows to be one of the more madd characters. Through out the entire novel from the veryfirst time the Rabbit enters the story he is always in a hurry.No matter what the situation may be the Rabbit is constantly running around anxiously in a scramble for one reason or another.He is forced to be this way because he is the servant to the King and Queen of hearts whom are very demanding and if he wants to stay alive he will have to perform all the tasks demanded of him and perform them hastily.
Another character that Alice meets during the story is the Cheshire Cat whom, I believe, represents a companion for Alice. The Cat proves to be a reasonable being whom shows up every once in a while just to give Alice someone to talk to. As soon as I began to believe that Alice was going to turn madd from being around these characters out of no where appeared the Ca…


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