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Allende and Marquez

To some people love may be thought of as just a game but to others it could mean much more than a game.Love can show the control, wealth and influence one person can have over another person.In The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende and Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez we read in both books how the authors described the power of guilt and love as a way of life and in some ways a game to be won.Love and guilt are two of the many ways we can compare these books and learn how similar they really are.
Money plays a vital role in each of these books.We see that money has a power over people that can make them feel guilt which in some cases makes people feel loved.We must keep straight in our heads though, that money is not love and love can not be bought with money.This is shown in Chronicle of a Death Foretold when Bayardo San Roman tries to buy the widower's Xius house.Xius tries to stand up for his house and for the love in his heart, but even the strongest feeling of love was not enough to conquer the power money had:
But the widower defended himself until the end of the game.Three nights later, better prepared, Bayardo San Roman returned to the domino table. 'Widower,' he began again,'what's the price of the house?' 'It hasn't got a price.' 'Name any one you want.' 'I'm sorry, Bayardo,' the widower said,'but you young people don't understand the motives of the heart.' (Marquez, 39,40)
Xius was right.Young people do not understand the object of love.He later went on to tell Bayardo that the house was not worth all the money.Even after saying "no" so many times Xius finally gave in.He died two months later.Even the doctor said, "He was healthier than the rest of us, but when you listened with the stethoscope you could hear the tears bubbling inside his heart." (M…


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