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American Beauty

American Beauty challenges every aspect of human existence and makes you question every value you believe to be true. Each character in the movie has a unique personality. The mixture of different personalities makes the story interesting and fills the story line with lots of conflict.
The title American Beauty gives the illusion that is one more normal family working towards the American dream.Of course, the family lives a middle class life in the midst of suburbia.
The story follows the life of the main character Lester Burnham, a father and husband struggling to keep his marriage afloat and his family intact.Lester is in the midst of a midlife crisis. His wife is obsessed with idea of success, and is overwhelmed by everyday family life.Their daughter has her own problems. Like her mother, she is also obsessed –not with success –but with physical beauty and own self image.Together all
three individuals struggle with their individual objectives, which eventually come together as a volatile and tragic ending.
Lester Burnham is attracted to his daughters' girlfriend, who's a cheerleader.Because of this infatuation, he immediately starts working out to get in shape. He has hopes of impressing her.In view of this,he has a whole new attitude on life.
This movie shows the many conflicts that individuals face in today's world.Ones that many people can identify with.What most cannot identify with, however, is the tragic outcome of one man's actions and his misinterpretation of his neighbor's intentions. We all have our own problems and assuming that everyone else can't relate or don't have any can cause conflict within its self. If you can identify yourself with this movie, I would recommend seeing it.


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