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american ethics

American Beauty is a very intricate film portraying the sarcasm intertwined within American values, or beauties.Every scene within American Beauty influences each character in the movie as well as other scenes.The structure of this flick is as if it were not possible to remove one scene from the work, otherwise the entire movie would collapse like a domino effect.People Magazine writes a solid review of the movie analyzing the flick to the limits of a one-page review, and recommending an older audience because of the understanding of society, and Americans in general that an older audience would comprehend.The film is able to take in many facets of American life within its two-hour viewing and really push the viewer to ask some serious questions about American life how it is, and American life how it should be.It becomes obvious that everyone in the movie is hiding something from all or most of the rest of the characters because the truth would cause pandemonium.This is why every scene in American Beauty has such meaning towards the all characters in the flick because every scene seems to be showing us how each character hides an aspect of their lives, and how they go about hiding them. The film is a very sarcastic film in which the characters are constantly hiding things from one another, and working so hard to portray an image they feel best portrays them, rather then plain and simple living.The characters of the flick go about hiding things, and pretending their life away making American Beauty the comedy that got everyone laughing.What really puts us for a spin is when we ask ourselves if we are really laughing at the characters in the film, or if we are really laughing at ourselves subconsciously?


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