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An Analysis of The Odyssey

The Trojan War was over, and Odysseus tricked the enemy into bringing the huge wooden horse inside the city walls of Troy. The Trojans had no idea that the Greeks were hiding inside. That night, while their enemies slept Odysseus and his men snuck out of the horses’ belly, they let in their fellow soldiers who came back under the cover of darkness.
Troy was destroyed and the Trojans were vanquished. It was time for Odysseus and his warriors to return home. This was the starting point for the story of the Odyssey.
10 years later in Ithaca, Odysseus’ son Telemachus called a council of the men due to the inspiration he received from goddess Athena. He asked them how they could let his mother get taken advantage of. Antinous, one of the leaders of the town, put the blame on Penelope, who was still grieving her husband, Odysseus. Antinous felt Penelope should forget about Odysseus because he was probably dead. It should be noted that because Odysseus did not give proper respect to the god Poseidon, he was doomed to roam the seas for all time.
Telemachus asks his countrymen to fit him a ship so that he could find news on his father. Back in his own hall, Antinous tried to make peace with Telemachus, but he would have none of it. The other suitors would mock the young boy for his show of defiance. They were determined to have everything Odysseus once possessed, including his wife, Penelope.
They boarded the ship and sailed to a cave where Cyclops lived. They offered him food and he readily accepted. He also took it upon himself to eat two of Telemachus’ soldiers! Well, it didn’t take them long to see that this was not the best of the situations.
They escaped the cave. They sailed back to the kingdom of Ithaca where Odysseus eventually returns to reunite with his wife and son. However, after 7 years, Telemachus didn’t recognize him immediately. He proved his identity by telling him a story that onl


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