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analysis of pulp fiction

The 1994 film Pulp Fiction may seem confusing and slow to some viewers. It is not until you fully understand the director's manipulations with time frames that you fully appreciate this film. This film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino is packed with action scenes as well as extensive dialogues between characters that illustrate the life ofa small mob in Los Angeles California. Even though this movie may seem violent and cold there is certain humor created by the character's perspective of the crimes they commit.
Likemost of Quentin Tarantino's movies, Pulp Fiction has a circular path. The movie starts when an English coupledecides to rob a coffee shop after going through an extensive discussion on why they should rob coffee shops and not liquor stores or gas stations. As the action is about to happen, thecredits are shown on the screen. The movie then continues beginning with anotherchapter in the story. Julian, played by Samuel L. Jackson, and Vincent, played by John Travolta, are in a dialogue about Vincent's trip to Amsterdam. They talk about the legalization of Marijuana. Later on they start talking about Vincent having to take care of his mob boss's wife for one night. This seemed like a delicate situation for Vincent since his boss, Marcellus Wallace played by Ving Rhames, was said to be very strict when it came to other men getting too close tohis wife.All of these facts from the movie we get just from the character's dialogue. One might think that so much dialogue could make a movie boring. The beauty of this idea by Tarantino is that we are forced to pay attention to the dialogues since they foreshadow upcoming events in the movie. All this conversation is happening while Vincent and Jules are on their way to take care of Mr. Wallace's business. They had been sent to get a suitcase that had been stolen by a group of young men. Again when the two enter the people's …


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