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Analysis of Shrek 2

A fairy tale is a story, either intended for children or narrated to children, concerning the adventures of mythical characters. Nearly all fairy tales have magic and supernatural characters. They have good versus evil; a villain versus a hero and in the end the good always triumphs.Sometimes fairy tales are simply miraculous entertainment but often, fairy tales are disguised morality tales.
Fairy tales appeal to children perhaps because of the magical element and children therefore, enjoy watching and listening to them. Younger children are affected by what happens and if they like a character they expect them to win. All fairy tales are made especially for young children and they exclude swearing or any disturbing scenes. This is what the audience would expect from a fairy tale.
The Shrek story begins when a fairy tale book opens. The opening sentence of the story is "Once upon a time". The music is quiet and classical and suits a fairy tale. The book's pages turn until the last page where it closes with "and they lived happily ever after". This is exactly what an audience would expect of a fairytale. While the audience are enjoying this quiet moment, the page is ripped unexpectedly and the toilet is flushed, followed by rock music. The scene is changed completely and it erases the fairy tale beginning. Obviously this crushes the audience's expectations for the opening.
In the story, Shrek is a big ugly ogre who is hated by everyone and lives alone. In addition he has his own swamp. He seems to be everything you would expect of a fairytale ogre. Shrek lives at the out skirts of the city where there aren't many people passing by. He eats what no one else wants to and seems to relish.
Donkey takes the role of a noble steed, however he is not a magnificent stallion , but a short, rather quirky looking donkey. He is Shrek's friend who gets to know him by accident. Shrek didn't want t…


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