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analyzation of The House on mango Street

Part I

The Family Of Little Feet
Esperanza shows awareness in relation to herself and others when Lucy tells her and Rachel to take their socks off. Esperanza notices that all of their legs are "skinny and spotted with satin scars where scabs were picked, but legs, all our own, good to look at, and long." She is observing her own characteristics, and then comparing them to the other girls, to see what the similarities and differences are. Esperanza also shows awareness about how others see her. In this particular vignette, there are many times when she notices what other people think of her and here friends. For example, Esperanza is aware that the six girls at the laundromat are pretending she is invisible because they are jealous. She is also aware that people find the shoes attractive, such as the boy on the bicycle and the bum man in front of the tavern.
A Rice Sandwich
Esperanza becomes aware of the differences in her and her schoolmates lives. She notices that the children who eat in the canteen have many friends and are always laughing, and that is what she wants. She also notices that the children eating in the canteen must have parents who work, whereas her mother does not and is able to make her lunch when she comes home from school each day.
Esperanza becomes aware of what other people look like compared to her, she develops a sense of self-consciousness in this vignette. She notices that everyone else has party shoes, and she did not, so she was hesitant to dance with her uncle. Esperanza also compares her looks to other girls and believes that they are prettier than her. She also becomes aware of boys when "the boy that is a man is watching." She is seeing him as something different than just a playmate here, and this makes her feel good about the way others see her even if she is not wearing party shoes.
Esperanza shows awareness of what characteristics other people have in this…

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