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Angela’s Ashes

Frank McCourt is born in New York City, where his parents met and where the story takes place. Through a course of unfortunate events they are forced to move back to Ireland where they are originally from. Frank faces many hardships because it is so hard for his father to keep a job, and his mother is so depressed after loosing 3 children. His father also was an extreme alcoholic and drank away most the money he earned to support his family, and when WWII came Malachy (father) left to go find work in England, and left frank with his mother (Angela) and his two little brothers Malachy Jr. and Michael. After the expected money from his father never came, Frank got a job and started working with the hope of somewhat trying to support his family. Though out his childhood a lot of things don;t turn out very well for Frank, but through out the book it is still able to give you a sense of humor and light spirits. Despite many difficulties McCourt is able to rise above everything that has hindered him. He was incredibly intelligent and witty; he loved to read and did fairly well in school.Towards the end of the book Frank saves up enough money to go to America and bids Ireland an emotional fair well.
– Religion very much affected and changed Frank;s cultural identity. At the time in which he lived ultimately the virtues of most families was that of the church. So through out the book there was always mention of the Catholic Church and the wrath or good standing of god. For example on chapter eight when a few boys paid a shilling to see Frank;s friend Quasimodo;s sisters naked, and got caught for it; his friends parents made him promise that he didn;t see his own sister naked because that was a very bad sin. A small example of an internal conflict with this is when Frank had to deliver Protestant newspapers to make a living for his family.

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Last week I went to Receive and during the flight I read more than 200 pages of Angela;s Ashes book. During these 8 hours, I couldn;t stop reading until the last page (which, by the way, is missing in my copy and I don;t know how the story ends). I started reading the book about two months ago, and I found it very interesting, but I was always very busy to read it faster. When I ;dived; into the book, it was like I were reading in Portuguese and Iwas so fond about how the story was going to end, what would happen to those miserable people, wrapped on a chain of bad bolts from the blue, one after another. I never heard or read such a story when nothing goes on for the good. When I was thinking, during the reading: ;well, now things will gets better;, another disgrace happened and McCourt family went down and down to the end of the tunnel without any small light to help them.
I always thought about countries like Ireland in terms offirst world, people having jobs, a place to live in, reasonable wages,no hunger, etc…I know the difficulties countries in Europe were through during the World Wars but I never thought about such a misery like McCourt family went through the years they lived in USA and the years after they came back to Ireland. My italian ancestors, who came to Brazil in the beginning of the 20thcentury, possible lived in Italy in such misery and poverty as we can learn reading Angela;s Ashes. Life wasn;t easy those days.
What a hateful character the drunk, irresponsible, selfish, lazy Malachy Mccourt. How come a father can drink all his pay-check with famished children at home waiting for food? How could he go to England to work and send money to his family and spend all the money in booze and send not a penny to them? We heard about people with drinking problems and I know that there are lots of people who acts like Malachy and I honestly despise them, specially …

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Angela’s ashes

It is a common view that times for the Irish majority in the 1930’s and 40’s were very hard. Especially for the Irish Catholic families with the stereotypical drunken father, emotionally wrecked mother, kids running round her with her sore back from the next child ready too be born. In Angela’s Ashes, McCourt examines his childhood experiences, the tragedies, hardships, learning, all involved with growing up.
One of the most interesting aspects of the writing in Angela’s Ashes is how the text is written, from McCourts interpretation of the situation at his age he was at the time, the spelling and grammar also indicates that the child is writing, not the adult. This contributes immensely to the emotions and enjoyment evoked from reading the book. It also better describes how a child actually sees the things going around them, and what they may be thinking. Personally, sometimes is made me think for a while about how I interpreted things I saw when I was that age, and the fun I had being a ‘kid’ with my sister.
McCourt describes his brothers and sister, even the ones that died and how much he enjoyed growing up with them, how they cared and loved for each other. Because of the appalling quarters they lived in and the lack of money and food there was terminal illnesses in the family which proved fatal to some of his siblings. McCourt in his ‘child-like’ writing style describes how his siblings and he, interpret what’s happened and how they see their parents reacting. McCourt also analyses how his younger brother Malachy looks up to him and how much he takes Malachy under his ‘wing’ and takes care of him.
Parenting is said to be one of the hardest tasks out there today, especially sole-parenting. McCourt carefully examines his mother, how she copes with her drunken betrothed, how her cousins who married ‘gentlemen’ are constantly try to run her life, and how she acts as a woman. His father, the ‘Irish drunk’


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