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Angela’s Ashes: A Memoir

This novel is written by Frank McCourt; it is an autobiography in which Frank includes interesting events, people and situations that he or she has encountered in life. The narrator for this story is Frank McCourt as well and is telling the story through his eyes and what his feelings are like and gives the major points of life. The setting of the time this all takes place is around the late 1930;s and 1940;s in Brooklyn, New York and Limerick, Ireland. Some of the major characters in this novel are: Frank McCourt, Angela McCourt, and Malachy McCourt (Sr.). Frank who is the writer and narrator does write this in the present tense from the time of being a young boy to the time of being an adult. McCourt is known to be lively, the streetwise type of person, and very thoughtful and sensitive. Also he is highly intelligent, with strength emotionally and mentally, but physically he is weak. Angela has humor and is a loving mother. In the story she does sacrifice a lot for her children and though she had to put up with a lot, she brought up her kids to be well ; behaved, kind, and hard ; working men. Malachy is Frank;s father who is known as a bad role model. He drinks without any limit due to the death of his twin sons and baby daughter. Not only he is ruining his life, but at the same time jeopardizing his family to survive and doesn;t care for helping them out. This leads to many situations that occurred in his life especially.
The story, ;Angela;s Ashes; is Frank describing many aspects of his life and what occurs. It started off talking about how his parents met in Brooklyn, New York. Angela, his mother becomes pregnant with Frank, and after marries Malachy. Their family grows and Angela struggles with many problems such as, feeding her family while Malachy is always spending his money of drinks. Frank;s baby sister, Margaret dies and then Angela had become depressed so they had …


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