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Animal Dreams

People "dream about whatever they do when they're awake.Dreams, what [one] hopes for, [are] not separate from [one's] life" (133; ch.12).In Barbara Kingsolver's novel, Animal Dreams, each character's hopes, aspirations, and hardships are intricately woven throughout their lives and intertwined in their dreams.In the case of Codi Noline, the novel's central character, foresight played both the role of the adversary and the desired.With the help of those surrounding her, such as her ailing father, Dr. Homero Noline, her adventurous sister, Hallie, a colorful local, Dona Althea, and her naturalist, hog-head boyfriend, Loyd, Codi finds closure and a place in her heart for the love that has forever been bestowed upon her.Each of these characters' dreams reflects their innate and cultural instincts. For some, lack of faith and fear of rejection blockaded the gates to happiness, while other characters in the novel displayed courageous and directed efforts in order for their dreams to become realized.
In search of a place in the sun, a place to belong, Codi Noline set out on a journey to return to her hometown of Grace where during her childhood she had felt like an outcast.Lacking both sleep and dreams, she attempted to search for her life, her past, and any hint of connection with her distant, ailing father.Due to the lack of male influence and attention from Dr. Noline, Codi sought solace in the arms of her lovers.This constant desire for companionship left her helpless and alone.Her attempts "to be brave" were reinforced by her restablished relationship with Loyd Peregrina (200; ch.17).Codi's main goal in life since she was young was to "fit in", but unfortunately she was always an "oddity in Grace", forced to wear orthopedic shoes and read encyclopedias (219; ch.18).After the death of her mother and the miscarriage of her baby, Codi feare…


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