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Animal Farm



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Author Information:
„h George Orwell wrote this book, 1984, in 1949 to warn the world of communism.
– Since in 1949 was when the Soviet Union exploded itsfirst atom bomb witch broke the ground for the arms race which soon escalated into the Cold War.This is so important because the Soviet Union was a communist nation.

„h George Orwell?s real name is Eric Blair.
– He was born in 1903 in Bengal.
– He was educated at Eton.
– He served in the Indian Imperial Police in Burma.
– He returned to Europe to write novels and essays.
– He died at the age of 47 of a neglected lung disease.
„h Incredible Characters and Symbolism are what make 1984 portray the idea of communism and toleration government in a frighteningly realistic way.

Plot Summary

„h In the beginning, Winston is frustrated by the control of Big Brother.
„h Winston is working in the Ministry of Truth, altering records, when the beautiful dark-haired girl gives him a note that says, ?§ I love you? her name is Julia.
„h They move into a small room above Mr. Cherrington?s store where he promises that no one can see them.
„h O?Brien accepts Winston and Julia into the Brotherhood.
„h When the Thought Police come and seize Julia and Winston Mr. Cherrington is reveled to be a member of the Thought Police.
„h When Winston is taken to the ministry of love, he finds that O?Brien is just a spy for the party too.
„h Throughout the novel Winston has bad dreams about rats, so in the dreaded room 101 (the final destination for anyone who opposes the party) he gets a cage full of rats strapped to his head.
„h Winston then snaps and tells them to do it to Julia instead.O?Brien wanted her all along.
„h In the end, he accepts the party and has learned to love big brother.


Winston Smith:
– Low ranking member of…


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