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Animal Farm and acts of violence

Orwell's satire, Animal Farm, illustrates how a shifting of power results in a creation of haves and have-nots, through the act of violence.Violence is significant in this novel for it instigates the effects of a change in authority, and sustains any attained power.Revolutions erupt by those who feel they are becoming controlled by the behavior of others.Restrictions are either set or more freedoms are offered as opposing sides form, in the search of unlimited and absolute control.
The violent scenes create an understanding of the manipulation towards the working class and their agony.Through hostility, the animals search for an improved life, by threatening assault.As a result of persistent violence from the animals, they achieve unlimited freedom towards work and pleasure.Although, their decisions are flexible, work is difficult without the help of man.
Napoleon negatively uses intimidation and his mounting power to influence the animals' lives.The animals fear for their lives as Napoleon recognizing his state of superiority.As Napoleon replaces the role of humans, the animals respect a fellow animal in charge, but are naive of his violent human-like tactics of cruelty.The pigs undoubtedly have more freedom since they do as the please, but it is done to the expense of the other animals' labor.Nonetheless, the farm animals acquire a sense of pride and achievement, as they perform their duties for themselves only.However, their lives remain miserable, while the pigs' lives thrive with luxury.
Sympathies are felt for the farm animals that can't prevent the consolidation of power.Once the major violence subsides, their labor increases as their food supply decreases.Through the acts of violence, the animals instantly become controlled by the pigs, leaving the other animals' lives depressing.The animals receive no authority from the dominating pigs as they ruthlessly state al…


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