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Animal Farm as a History

"…But some are more equal than others…" Ever since Animal Farm by George Orwell wasfirst published in 1945, a small, subconscious voice has uttered this phrase to urge the rethinking of equality. This closing thought and the events of Animal Farm closely parallel the history of the Russian Revolution and Communist Russia'sfirst steps. An allegory can evoke a unique and enlightening view of a famous historical event. Through symbolism in this allegory, communism is analyzed from another perspective.
Old Major, an aged boar symbolic of Marx and Lenin, shares with the farm animals his dream of a golden future. The Animalist revolution of which he spoke soon occurred. After Mr. Jones, the owner of the farm, gets drunk and neglects to feed the animals for three days, the animals break into the food stores and chase Jones off the farm. The animals' revolution against Mr. Jones clearly represents the Russian Revolution of 1917. In the book, Mr. Jones represents Czar Nicolas II, who lived a life of luxury and ignored his suffering people. Similarly, Mr. Jones was often intoxicated and ignored the animals. Historical connections made themselves known very early in the book.
The animals were ecstatic upon acquiring the farm, but it soon became clear that organization and rules were needed to maintain order. The pigs, who considered themselves the smartest on the farm, took it upon themselves to lead the animals. Orwell clearly used satire when representing the communist leaders as pigs (not very respectable animals). Soon, there was a skirmish between Mr. Jones's men and the animals as the humans tried to retake farm, but the animals were victorious. The Battle of Cowshed, as it was dubbed, represents the White Russian Revolution, in which non-communists attempted to regain control of Russia and overthrow communism.
One of the heroes in this battle was Snowball, a boar who had led the attack but was grazed by a…


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