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Animal Farm: Stalin Vs. theKGB

A Research paper by Kyle Ramirez for Mr. C's 2nd period class
Josef Stalin and the KGB were huge influences on the Russian Revolution. The KGB, at the hands of Josef Stalin caused great damage, spread lies and used threats to persuade the general public to gain political views that were beneficial to the Soviet leader. The KGB were loyal to Stalin, no matter what he told them to do, they did it. Animals symbolize the Soviet Leader, and the secret police, animals such as pigs and dogs.
Who was Josef Stalin, a great communist dictator, or a menacing Czarist tyrant? What did he do and how? How does George Orwell show this in his novel? Who are the KGB? Are they the Russian equivalent of the CIA, or a secret underground police who pillaged towns, and killed millions of Russian citizens?
How does George Orwell symbolize such influential figures of the Russian Revolution into a farm? How does he turn a human into an animal? How does any author take such a huge subject and make a small novel out of it? Through allegory. The Russian Revolution was such a huge story that no-one has the full story. Not even Stalin himself, if alive could tell you the whole story. Therefore, no encyclopedia or any source could have the full story although they may come close; they can never get the whole truth. If no one can get the full story, no one will know what really happened, and so no one is right. Anyone can make what they want of this subject, and people can shoot it down, because they are entitled to their own opinion, or can eliminate it through evidence. This is a research paper on Josef Stalin, The KGB, their involvement in the Russian Revolution, and how George Orwell symbolizes the whole story in a novel named Animal Farm.
Josef Stalin was born Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili in Georgia, Russia in 1879, and was one of the most powerful and murderous dictators of all time. His dictator…


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