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Anne Bradstreet

Anne Bradstreet was thefirst true poet, as well as thefirst female poet, of
English-speaking North America.She was not a revolutionary figure like Anne Hutchinson
in Massachusetts.Her affirmation ofa usual female role is evident in "To My Dear and
Loving Husband."She reached her peek in English poetry in the late sixteenth century and
Under the leadership of John Wintrop she sailed from England to Massachusetts with the father, Thomas Dudley, a former estate-steward who became a government of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and with her husband of 2 years, Simon Bradstreet, who filled the same office after his wife's death.Her family was cultured and prosperous, and she underwent some culture-shock.In the face of the living and social conditions of the New World.She suffered much from sickness (God's judgment and correction, and she saw it), but she bore seven children and carried on, much praised, the life of a devout, prominant puritan woman if Cambridge, Ipswich, and finally Andover.
Apparently with her knowledge, her brother-in law carried to England a copy of her poems that she had made for family use and in 1650 saw to its publication there as "The Tenth Muse."This work was thefirst volume of original poetry written in the American Colonies.It was published in London in 1650.Many of the poems in "The Tenth Muse"
deals with science and with Bradstreet's moral and religious ideas.However, her best poems describe home life in colonial New England.They include "Contemplations" and
"On the Burning of Her House."Bradstreet also wrote sensitivity poetry to her husband and children, including "To My Dear and Loving Husband" and "Meditations Divine and Moral."


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