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Anne Frank

The Franks were your general German family and Anne was your general German girl. This family of four lived in Germany, Mr. Frank was an average business man, Mrs. Frank was an average mother and Margot and Anne were average students. The one thing that made them different in the eyes of Hitler, was the fact that they were Jewish.
Once Hitler rose to power, the Franks fled to Holland, where the hoped to be safe from the Jewish-blood thirsty Nazis, they went on with their normal lives, until once again Hitler took over. This caused the Franks to flee again, only this time they would be in hiding. A plan was devised; the Franks would stay in an abandoned section of the Kraler office building, along with another family of three: the Van Daans. The Franks set off for their new “home” before the Van Daans. They had to carry with them things that would last for as far as they knew, years. Anne took with her two vests, three pairs of pants, a dress and skirt, jacket, summer coat, shoes, two pairs of stockings, a cap and a scarf. During the journey through the streets, non-jews looked at them with pity and sorrow, they knew that there was nothing they could do to help them, no rides, no food, no help period.
Once they arrived to what they called, the “Secret Annexe” they set their things in their rooms. Anne decorated her wall with all of her favorite actors and actresses. About a week later the Van Daans joined them, Mrs. Van Daan brought with her, her “chamber” Mr. Van Daan brought a folding tea table and Peter brought his cat Mouschi. Each of them had their own individual personality, Mr. Van Daan, was pretty mellow with most of the Franks, especially Margot, but often had a word or two to say about Anne, he didn’t like her constant chattering. Mrs. Van Daan was loud and flirtatious, constantly pestering people and never willing to do her part of the work around the Annexe. Then there’s Peter, the quiet, dull and boring one. At


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