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Anne of Green Gables

Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote Anne of Green Gables. It is a fiction book about a girl named Anne Shirley who is always getting into trouble.
This story is set in the small town of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island in a time long ago. It begins by Mrs. Rachel Lynde watching Matthew Cuthbert get ready to go to town. He is to pick up an orphan boy to help with work around the house. To Matthew’s surprise when he arrives at the trains’ station he finds a young girl with fiery red hair. Matthew figures he must at least take her home for the night. His wife Marilla is surprised to see a girl instead of a boy and insists she will bring Anne tomorrow to have everything straightened out.
Marilla decides to keep Anne, although she thinks her to be a bit loud and imaginative. Marilla decides to begin Anne’s “bringing-up at once,” by teaching to say her prayers.
Anne’sfirst display of her hot temper comes when Mrs. Rachel Lynde calls her skinny and homely. She is forced to apologize after two days confined to her room.
Soon after Diana Barry returns from a trip to her aunt’s home and Anne insists on going for a visit to meet her. Diana and Anne become friends instantly vow to stay “bosom friends” forever.
Marilla soon made a large mistake by blaming Anne for taking her amethyst broach.
Anne soon begins school after a long summer. The schoolroom was the scene for her second display of temper. A boy named Gilbert Blythe called her “carrots” and she broke her chalkboard over his head.
In October Anne is given permission to have Diana over to tea, but instead of giving her raspberry cordial she made a mistake and made Diana drunk with current wine. All was not forgiven, even when Marilla explained what had happened to Mrs. Barry. Anne was not allowed to play with Diana until the night she came to the rescue when Minnie May was sick; Anne had saved her life.


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