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Another Country

Setting: Another Country takes place in Harlem, France, Greenwich Village and
other locales throughout numerous incidents in this literary work.It is a time during the
early 1970's when racism against women and ethnic dissents take place.The most
prevailing and leading events take place in Harlem, New York and Paris, France.
Plot: Another Country is a novel which focuses on sundry broad topics all through the
United States.It speaks of political, sexual, and artistic endeavors within two divergent
assemblages of people.It was mainly based upon racial prejudices which were portrayed
as a disease of white society.This novel depicted the contrariety among blacks and
As one of the main characters concludes that he has no way out of his monotonous
life, he commits suicide.Rufus discerns that his yearning for a blissful and ordinary life
is not being fulfilled.Therefore, he deserts his friends, family, and lovers, each instilled
with a sense of anguish, suffering, and desolation which hinders their lives in some way.
In spite of the fact that Rufus' motive for taking his life is still obscure, James Baldwin
propels the reader to accept that his suicide was not only an effect of his own personal
problems, but the predicaments his surroundings faced him with as well.Rufus could no
longer live in a world full of malice and repugnance towards an individual on account of
After Rufus' departure, many people's lives begin to change.His sister, Ida Scott,
feels as if she has been robbed of something which has helped her journey through her
uncertainties.Ida then turns to Vivaldo, Rufus' best friend, for the love, guidance, and
preservation she aches for.Not long after Rufus' death, Ida and Vivaldo submerge
profoundly in love and anticipate marriage in the future.As for Vivaldo, this unforeseen
loss imparts him with strength to go on and behold life in …


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