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Anthithesis in romeo and juliet

"Antithesis in Romeo and Juliet"
Antithesis is used to create maximum contrast.In "Romeo and Juliet",
Shakespeare uses antithesis constantly.People can be both caring and cruel, and love is
both life and death.Using antithesis can add a lot to a play.
Friar Laurence's plan for temporarily killing Juliet had antithesis, it was both
healing and deadly.It would heal Juliet and Romeo's love by making everyone think that
Juliet was dead, that way they could run away and be together.But, it was also deadly
because it would kill Juliet.Maybe not forever but it would lead to a tragedy.If the
potion would actually kill Juliet and not just temporarily, then there would not be
antithesis because then Romeo and Juliet would not be able to be together, and there
would not be both a happy and sad result.
Another thing that had antithesis was Romeo and Juliet's love.It was both life
death.Being together, was their life, they would have done anything just to be with
each other.No matter what people did or said, they would ignore them.Unfortunately,
their love would bring them to their death.They were so much in love that they would
have given up anything for each other, even if it meant their life.Romeo and Juliet died
Not only can things have antithesis but people can also.Romeo was both loving
and cruel. Whenever he was with Juliet, he seemed like he could never hurt a fly.He
would say poetry to Juliet and would look at her as if she were a precious jewel.But,
when Tybalt came around, he was like night and day.Tybalt picked a fight with
Romeo's cousin, Mercutio.Mercutio was badly wounded and died.This angered Romeo
so much that he chased Tybalt and killed him.Even though he was the cousin of his wife


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