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Antwan Fischer
A film by Antwan Fudua

The main idea of this story was that Antwan Fischer wanted a family, so that he could be loved.Antwan had dreams of his father welcoming him into a big barn full of family surrounding a table of soul food.

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Antwan was in the Navy had no immediate family, his father was murder by an ex-girlfriend and mother was in a state prison for women when she gave birth to him.Which then led Antwan to an orphanage for babies for a few years.After the orphanage Antwan was place in a Foster Home with a family, Mr., Mrs., daughter Nadine Tate and two Foster brothers Dwight and Keith.Mrs. Tate physically and mentally abused Antwan and brothers. If she (Mrs. Tate) felt the boys did something wrong, she would take them down to the basement, tie their hands together and beat them.Instead calling them by their names Mrs. Tate would call them little niggas. She called niggas so much that the boys knew whom she was talking to by the she said it.

One day Antwan was left alone with the daughter Nadine to baby-sit him.Nadine put her tongue in Antwan's mouth kissing him, then slapped him and told Antwan to go to the basement and drop his drawers. Antwan ran out of the basement and to his friend's house after Nadine molested him.

Antwan was charming with the women. He would often compliment Dr. Davenport on nice looking his wife was and how much of a good cook she was, and would smile in a shy boyish look.On the other hand Antwan was the exact opposite with men.When one of his shipmates would joke with in a manner Antwan did not think was appropriate or get to close to him, instead of saying so Antwan would respond violently.Antwan assaulted one shipmate for getting in his face, and then when confronted by his commanding officer Antwan told him there was racial slur said toward him.Antwan would often get into physical fight…


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