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Antwone Fisher

The movie we are going to do our report is on Atwone fisher. This movie is a true story about a guy named Atwone fisher. In this report what I am going to write about is 5 different categories about the movie, which are: Courage, Forgiveness, Relationship, Redemption, and abuse. The First one that I am going to start one is Courage.
In this movie Antwone Fisher is a boy that has lots of courage. The reason is because this boy had allot to face as a child. Some are that he never knew his family, he got raped by an older woman. Also he got abused by his guardian allot. This takes allot of courage for a child because at the end he came out a good guy. He did not take any negative things with him that happened to him.
And in this part he forgives those that did wrong to him. This is a very thought thing because in this movie he was very abused and was hard to live knowing that he does not know her mom. He had to live without a mom, and live with a person that was very abusive.
The relationship that took part in this movie was with his friend. Every time he was in trouble, or had been in trouble, he would run to his friend. An example is when he got raped, he escaped and ran to his friends house and his friend accepted him in and also clothes him with his clothes. Another relationship that he has is with his psychiatrist. He was a very close friend to him because he taught him the way, and because Antwone showed him how to be a better psychiatrist. The Reason is because before the psychiatrist met Antwone he was a very lousy psychiatrist, but Antwone taught him how by telling him that he needed more help.
Antwone Fisher redeemed himself fro her guardian and the girl. The both treated him badly. When he left and came back again to find his family, he told the people he didn't want to talk to them. He only wanted to find out information about his parents, and also told them that he never liked them and that he hated them, and…


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