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Antz vs. Anthem

The movie Antz and the book Anthem are really similar in the way that they have the same theme. In both of them we can see two characters (Z and Equality 7-2521) that emerge from society and suddenly realize that out there, there is a better reality. They live oppressed, wishing to find something new that satisfies them as individuals. The concept of evil is illustrated in both stories as the "we" or the "colony." They try to rebel against the highest powers, one having positive results and the other one having negative results. Both of them are heroes trying to defeat what is called a collective society and create a new way of living.Successively both characters discover their need to act for themselves.
Dating back since the people are conceived and mindless, the society in both the movie and the book oppresses them by determining what their job is going to be. In Antz the strongest are destined to be soldiers and the weak ones are fated to be workers. In Anthem this is different since the strong and knowledgeable ones are preplanned to have the lowest jobs in society. Equality 7-2521 is shown to be a skilled and enlightened character ever since he is born. The high powers have this in mind and send him to be a street sweeper, simultaneously sending the weak-minded ones to be part of the World Council. Another way they are oppressed is the separation of the social classes where they live. In Anthem they can't have interference with the members of other social classes; they can only talk to the members of their "tribe" or "house." Due to this oppression they create an equal society where they grow faster and become a global power. Having the mentality that they live for the other, they work for the society and their needs, putting aside their own self-interests and desires. This way they make the colony or society grow faster and efficiently.
The agent of evil in Antz is the general…