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“A&P,” by John Updike, is a story that provides a young man by the name of Sammy an important lesson in life. In this story, Sammy tends to let his impulsiveness and ingenuity take over him. Sammy looses his job in all do to a act of heroic protest against his manager Lengel concerning the proper attire of three girls that walk into the store wearing beach garments. Sammy made the leap from an adolescent, knowing little about life than what he has learned working at the grocery store, into a man prepared for the rough roads that lie ahead.
Lengel plays the role of a "moral authority". Lengel is the manager of the store, where he makes sure everyone does there job correctly. He also plays the role of a Sunday school teacher where he teaches adolescence the value of morals. He is in charge of the law and loves to tell people what to do. He shows us his characteristics early in the story when some girls stop by A&P to do some shopping on their way to the beach. The whole ordeal begins when Lengel notices that these girls aren't"decently dressed' (page 370).They were wearing only bathing suits and prancing around the store. Instead of being sensible and ignoring how they are dressed. Lengel immediately lets them know what he thinks, he tells them "we want you decently dressed","this is not the beach"(Page 370). The girls respond:'we are decent"(Page 370). This establishes to us that Lengel is basically head-strong and doesn't take in consideration of maybe the girls are dressed in swimwear for a reason. At this point they are upset and rebel against the authority and the store policies.
The narrator of this story is Sammy but in this case he's an unreliable narrator. An unreliable narrator is a narrator we can't trust. He is damaged psychologically. He may lead us to believe things that aren't really true. Sammy spends his days in A


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