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The story A&P was very meaningful to me, due to the industry I work in, and also because I am a female. The story is important to me because I work in a grocery store, in a managerial position.If one of my employees decided to quit because of an incident that happened with a customer, their actions would not be taken seriously.I have never had an employee react as severely as Sammy did, and I feel that Sammy made a very bad spur of the moment decision that could impact his whole life.
The author in this sense was trying to prove a point by making the actions so severe.John Updike writes the story not so that the readers can view Sammy as a hero, but as the immature grocery clerk who quit his job for a pretty girl. Sammy will now have a very hard time finding a job, because he lives in a small town where everybody knows everyone else's business.This will show the other people that he may not be as dependable as everyone thinks.


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