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The story begins with Sammy afirst person narrator, observing three girls that just walked into A&P market in bathing suits.Sammy works at the register with Stokesie (a minor character) who watches the girls every move up and down the aisles. The story twists and weaves through Sammy crush on the girl Queenie.
The girls wearing their bathing suits in his store outrage Sammy's boss Mr.Lengel (major character). So, he asks them to put clothes on or leave. The girls left without paying for the items that they took. Therefore, Mr.Lengel blamed Sammy for their thievery. Sammy tired of his boring job decided to quit and walked out in hopes he would find the girls.
The theme to this story is a fall from innocence; because it shows a young man who followed the rules go out and does something that his character would never be expected of doing. This is the change in the story also. How he ups and quits his job for the chance of being with the young girls.
I enjoyed reading this short story because Sammy exhibited a trait, which I fine, honorable. He has the trait of bravery, not being afraid of risks. He exuded bravery when he said, "I quit" to his boss and walked out in search for the girls.
This story relates to college-aged kids because he was 19 year old who is trying to get extra cash for the summer. John Updike wrote a 19 year old very well, because Sammy action resemble actions that I would do, and I am 19.


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